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August. 2021.

Fuck Them All! (2023) is the new film presentation by Nick Peterson, an autobiographical account of his two alter egos: Virtual Alien and Old Nick

July. 2021.

New film trilogy and game: Old Nick 1 (2024), Old Nick 2 (2026) and Old Nick 3 (2027)

It will take a while to work on this project with many new atists and actors but we have officially started.

June. 2021.

My books, my films

All my films are available with subtitles in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portugese, Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Polish and Turkish.

All my films are available with subtitles in Latin -mostly adapted by yours truly and as a quadrilingual, it was about time to release my books in French, German and Italian. English first, of course being my first language.

DM-This is Dark Matter is available in every single language on Earth.

C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. trailer is available on IMDb and the Virtual Alien channel on the 16th of July.

A few links to some of my books in French, German and some new ones in English. For the iTunes bookstore, they appear when they appear, as it takes longer.

Avec Une Souris Jusqu'à Ta Bouche.

La Vitesse de la Lumière .

Between Time and Space paperback.

DM: C'est la Matière Noire


T: Geister im Kopf

T: “Des fantômes dans le cerveau”

Une vie De Diable: Le Mal Absolu

Human Lib ebook


May. 2021.

DM. This is Dark Matter.

DM: This is Dark Matter

Dark matter is the part of the universe that can't be seen and it appears all black and cannot be scanned with conventional instruments. An analogy to what defies conventional logic and rational behavior.

The film on IMDb.

The album soundtrack on Apple.

The album soundtrack on Spotify


January. 2021.

We are curently working on two new films: "S.P.E.E.D." about quantum physics and its application into every day life, not due for release until 2023 and "C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.O.N." a comedy due for release in 2022.


December. 2020.

T Reloaded - T: Ghosts in the Machine is OUT now on paperback.

The original 2017 film version of T: Ghosts in the Machine that we later re-edited into a feature�film is available, divided in 66 parts.

The 2018 feature film on iTunes

The film on Imdb.

The feature film , TV and game Y++ is available in 48 episodes on Imdb.

The feature film documentary Rule Britannia is out on Imdb.

I still work around the clock but everyone else is in lockdown in L.A.�and in England. So I'm still awaiting for the release of Devil's Life, the film. Everyone is working from home and I do too but I still have to travel to the film studio at least once a week.

I go out every day with a different mask so my mask collection has exploded this year! Next year will be equally busy with the main stream releases of Y++, Rule Britannia,Devil's Life, DM: Dark Matter and the album DM: Dark Matter a compilation of songs and music from the last 15 years on download, CD and Vinyl and my autobiography also titled Devil's Life.


August. 2020.

The feature film Rule Britannia has now been completed and will be available in the fall.

The feature film Y++ will be released in the fall.

Two new YouTube channels from our distributor:

At: anotherclip (all lower case) YouTube Channel

AnotherClip (Upper case A and upper case C) YouTube Channel

Devil's Life the feature film will be available everywhere from the second of October 2020.


January. 2020.

T: Ghosts in the Machine was ready in 2017 and partially released in September 2018. The film will finally be in French, German and Japanese and released in September 2020.

The game from the film is ready and I have been told now that it can only be released in 2021.

One really needs to be patient in this world and during this time of enhanced patience, it's always vital to continue the work and keep creating.

Devil's Life and Human Lib: the two films are technically ready but a release (theatrical or online) may not be until 2021 as there is a backlog. As far as the game version of Devil Inside is concerned, I'm told by my co-producers and developers Tom Norwood and Alex Altman that it will not be released until 2021 but will be ready soon. However, the card game version could be commercially released by the end of 2020. I have been told to wait for the board game.

I ought to do a film on waiting and being patient: The Waiting Game or Be Patient!

The new films recently announced are mainly documentaries and will be produced and filmed in several countries, not just Britain and with a new team.


January. 2020.

I have enlarged my team and moved on with new contributors and protagonists for my content and for the new decade. Similar progression in my art as before.

Not that I really want to be as far out as possible but I find it very hard to watch what everybody is allegedly watching these days.

My "stuff" (creation) is not new and on the contrary very much imbued from many decades ago when there was a style and general credibility in content production.

As the UK is now embracing a global world, so will I and will move on around the world as well and beyond planet Earth for the decade ahead commencing with two new linear / non-linear films and games projects:

The Idiots
The idiots are the people who run the world or believe that they are and are often causing a lot of harm and damage at the same time whilst looting everything for the greater good.

The useful idiots are those who follow the pack or ensure that everything rotates and circles around as it should in the right orbit.

Beyond Time and Space
The effects of living on its own for a human or any other members of the animal kingdom either deaf, mute or even blind and the possibility to time-travel.

The Israelites
The ancient Israelites are the tribes who originally emerged from the Canaan region of the Middle East.

The modern-day Israelites are Jewish tribes who do not necessarily live in the region and are not necessarily a citizen of Israel but are ethnically inclined that way.

We are undergoing some major experimentations for this one: DM (This is Dark Matter)

Dark matter shapes up over 80% of the universe and is pure energy. This is the part of the universe that can't be seen and it appears all black and cannot be scanned with conventional instruments.

Dark matter is anti-matter, the opposite of what humans can see on Earth and comprehend as being normal and defies the laws of quantum physics.


September. 2019.

The Y2K Diary was a website placed together on the first of January 2000 until the 31st of December 2000 by Tom Norwood and Nick Peterson. The Y2K site was a search engine and a diary. At its peak it had over 200 million views/users. The revival is set for the first of January 2020: Y2K2 and will be presented exclusively on Twitter at The Y2K File and the Y2K Diary . Each day we will present all the entries as well as all the messages, links, stories, images and clips created and received during that year.


August. 2019.

Y+ is a new feature film: a series of sketches about the miseries of life and its effects on the human condition. A TV series has also been devised with an added + = Y++. The computer game version will be released in late 2020 with the same title.



In Deep Water documentary feature film. Interviews with the producers and actors from the feature film: Human Lib and in depth interview with the author on the subject of drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex.



Devil Inside a song written and composed by Markus Ineichen and Yours Truly is now a short film of twenty minutes taken from the main feature Devil's Life. A 5 minute(s) version has been released for TV and the web.



Is this really evil? A documentary on the making of the film: Devil's Life. What is the film really about? Evil may not be necessary evil and the angels might not be the ones they are claiming to be.



This website: I'm still too busy to design a new one. I work around the clock, seven days a week and all year round. I'm a robot and I haven't yet been programmed to program my own website. My team is too busy as well. This site is still far more functional than the average website I try to avoid; especially the ones with cookies. My website blends between the dark web and an official rag.



Rule Britannia a new feature film started production and will be released in 2020.

Human Lib a new feature film started production and will be released in 2020.



Devil's Life a new feature film started production and will be released on the 24th of January 2020.



The TV, web and game series Adventures Beyond the Hemisphere is set to make its debut on the 24th of January 2020. 3 series have already been scheduled.

The feature film: An Edge U-Cated Guess will be launched on the 22nd of October 2018 in 53 countries.



The Way You Make Me Feel is a feature film portrait of two powerful figures in London and Britain: Lord Stevenson and Professor Malcolm Carruthers. Powerful for what they represent and their life story and powerful for some of the most controversial and contemporary issues: mental health, cosmetic surgery and the use of testosterones. Produced by Tom Norwood and James Hogan.



The feature film T: Ghosts in the Machine is finally OUT !

When you fight for an idea -an obsession perhaps- in order for it to work, one needs to push it all the way. When pushing a project, one is always all alone even with many support and encouragement on the way.

Will anyone be paying attention? Will the powers that be still feel threatened? I hope not. This remains to be seen.

Now that there will be another 6 films to be released everywhere and in all formats, I can and will -concentrate- on moving on with my website to a new dimension. I still love it: it's functional, not cluttered but we are in 2018. I still need to find time to design it and programme it as no one else will or can do it for me.



A TV and Web series Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt based on the feature film will be launched this autumn.

Written by Nick Peterson and produced by Tom Norwood, Alex Altman and James Hogan.



The feature films: Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt and Adventures Beyond the Hemisphere will be released on the 24th of January followed by the albums.

I wrote and directed the films with the help of Thomas Black who edited the films with Raf Curtis and Tom Norwood and Alex Altman and James Hogan who produced the films. Aloysha Black is the key animator.



We are finally making available the feature documentary about the painter James Hogan: My World is Abstract (2010) that I directed and produced with: Joe Joseph and Adam Smith who both directed the photography, Thomas Black who edited it and Tom Norwood and Alex Altman who produced it. Most of the film sequences have originally been made available for various TV presentations.



An Edge-Ucated Guess a new film based on the game that I created in the nineties is now in pre-production and is due to be released in December 2018.

Film: War of the Planets: The Flight of the Moths

War of the Planets: The Flight of the Moths

War of the Planets: The Flight of the Moths

War of the Planets: The Flight of the Moths

Film: T: Ghosts in the Machine

T: Ghosts in the Machine

Film: Closer to the Sun

Closer to the Sun



The diaries of the 00 years Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt and Adventures Beyond the Hemisphere are now in production for two separate feature films. Both films will be released in 2018.



The After Life and TT: Train of Thought(s) Web and TV series have been launched. It was high time before anyone else copied the idea and the design.

The feature film "War of the Planets: The Flight of the Moths" will be released at the end of August 2017 along with "T: Ghosts in the Machine".


June.2017 "The After Life".

The TV and web series will begin in July 2017. The theme tune is based on the song Drizzle written and composed by yours truly and arranged by Philip Adamir.


The After Life


May.2017 "Red by..." The "Red TV" series. "

"Redby..." is the new TV and web format for a series of 90 interviews based on the Red by James Hogan TV presentation starting in June 2017 and will be presented for the first time in July 2017.

In this new "RedTV" series we will focus solely on the interviewee: it will mainly be a portrait. "Red" because it will be the only few places left for the interviewee to go "red" and release its anger and vents what cannot be normally broadcast on mainstream TV.


February.2017 "Red by James Hogan"

The TV programme adapted from the film version will be released in September 2017. 13 episodes all in color with the following participants: Trevor McDonald, Michael Grade, Greg Dyke, Peter Bazalgette , Richard Horwood, Roger Bolton, Adam Boulton, Rob Woodward, Chris Carter, Jean Seaton, Peter Ibbotson, Dawn Airey, David Montgomery. Each episode will be between 40 and 60 minutes each.


November.2016 : DO NOT DISTURB (I pop 'til you can't pop)

A short film set at the court of King George the Third in London. The King is presenting a collection of Red paintings by James Hogan. The film will be released on the first of January 2017.

Do Not Disturb will be live before we know it. Anytime now.


November.2016 : Finally getting there

Completed the film: Closer to the Sun, completing T: Ghosts in the Machine, Pausing on: War of the Planets: the Flight of the Moths.

New website coming soon and SOON cannot be soon enough.



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